This book made me laugh and cry and made me feel like more of a person. I feel more three dimensional— not just a dental hygienist, but a mother, grandmother, someone who taught my
grandson how to dig for worms—there are many things that I can teach him about myself. Bobbie helped me appreciate that.
— Sharon Bennett
I received your book and read through it this weekend.  I remembered some of the columns and still love the one about your landlord’s hands.  I chuckled at the one of you passing out when helping sick Sarah and getting stuck in the mud. Little fun pieces of farm life. Thanks for sharing
— Kathryn Blackburn
Really enjoyed your book, Bobbie! So many stories, so much fun, so much insight into life on a farm and in a family. I am going to share with my friends for sure!
— Janet Fagal
“Just Another Day” by Bobbie Dumas Panek is a light hearted read with messages to take away to ponder. Originally a collection of newspaper columns Bobbie wrote for the Auburn Citizen, the stories remember events and seasons, people and animals and flowers in CNY as she and her husband farmed their land and raised their family. Especially vivid is Bobbie’s usage of the five senses to draw the reader into each moment, so that you smell the hyacinth she writes of or you hear the crisp crackle of the empty cicada skin on your palm. You smell the alfalfa fields and slip in the mud. For those who were raised in the country and for those who are growing up there now, this little volume is chock full of treasures that will resonate for a long time.
— Rachael Z. Ikins author/artist, CNY Chapter NLAPW.
I have three favorites, actually. Sounds of July, Patsy’s Prism and the one about the fly in your year, which I must admit, made me laugh. You have a great clarity I your descriptions of your surroundings as though the reader can hear, smell, and feel the experience with you. Well done.
— Jackie St. Mary