What Is Love?... Card for Wedding, Engagement, Encouragement...


What Is Love? 

by Bobbie Dumas Panek


When asked to write a poem about love 

for the wedding of my niece 

I began to scribble... 

...Marriage is a decision to love, to commit to forgive, and to trust. 

Loves needs tune-ups.
It needs squirts of WD-40 and often requires new batteries. 

It needs to be laundered and starched, stretched and ironed, stitched and mended, repaired and inspected. Love needs massaging,trimming, weeding and watering. 

It’s a job. It’s a duty. It’s a discipline. 

It’s a vow you make to a person
with your eyes wide open
and your mind engaged.

It isn’t for sissies or the faint of heart. 

It’s not for people who are lazy or selfish. 

There are songs written, movies scripted, cards created, flowers grown, hearts cupids, candy and candles,
so much to symbolize love but what is love? 

Love is respectful, honest, and open.
It is joyful, loyal, and transparent.
It considers two points of view,
two different backgrounds,
two kinds of holidays, two ways of doing things, two sets of traditions, two separate people who agree to compromise. 

It’s a continuance. It doesn’t stop.
It doesn’t end when the way gets rocky. It’s a work in progress
and doesn’t necessarily get easier. 

You don’t retire from love.
You don’t quit your job or take a permanent vacation. 

Love is a vocation.
It has a purpose and an outcome.
The outcome is the reward.

You are with someone you trust and who trusts you.
You are with someone you care about and who cares about you. You are with someone you respect and who respects you. 


Excerpt from Prose poem published in National League of American Pen Women Anthology,

The Light Between Us


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